What will The Macmillan Cove offer?

We are determined that people affected by cancer in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly should be given the best possible cancer support and information in the best environment. That is why Macmillan has committed  to build a new cancer support and information centre at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. Working in partnership with the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, we’ll create a purpose built centre that will change the way in which people with cancer are supported in Cornwall.

When you are diagnosed with cancer it isn’t just the medical aspects of care that are important. Cancer impacts on every part of life, and so people need support with financial, emotional and practical issues. The Cove Macmillan Support Centre will mean that people have one place to come for if they need support.

This dedicated support and information centre will provide a warm, confidential and welcoming environment. Here people can learn more about their cancer, its treatments and impact on everyday life, as well as the emotional and financial help available. By gaining access to a wide range of information, and being able to speak to someone, people will feel more able to cope with their cancer experience.
We feel strongly that no one should face cancer alone. That’s why this new service is so important to make sure that the right support is available, in a beautiful building with landscaped gardens near where medical treatments are provided. We have worked with patients and relatives to identify the facilities that are important to them all, such as comfy chairs, somewhere to have a drink and relax between appointments, facilities for complimentary therapies and space to rest and relax.

By creating the new centre, we will bring many services together for the first time. These services will include:

• Information provision for anyone with questions about cancer to access the information they need in an appropriate format for them-this could be asking questions, picking up leaflets, look at the Macmillan website
• Welfare benefits advice available to help with the cost of cancer
• Counselling support for people who are struggling to cope with a diagnosis
• Complementary therapies as these help manage the side effects of treatment
• Help with self-image, self-esteem and confidence, such as wig and prosthesis fitting and Look Good, Feel Better sessions.
• Activity programmes, health & wellbeing clinics and other initiatives to support
• Drop-in sessions with specialist dieticians, as nutrition is important
• Creative therapies such as music and art therapy
• Teenage and young adult room

“As a carer, I would have found it extremely useful to have gone to a centre on my own and really delved into what I needed to know. That’s what I would hope that future patients will find, that they’ll be in an environment that doesn’t feel pressurising to be quick with their questions and move on so the consultant can see the next patient.” Richard, 67, carer


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