Shane Gregory’s blog- Family, love, and memories

When I ask someone if they would like to write a blog for The Cove, you never quite know what you are going to get back-some make you laugh, feel proud, shed a tear.

I met Shane last year when he told me that the Roche Young Farmers, of whom he is the Club Leader, had chosen to support The Cove in 2015. I was obviously delighted, but didn’t know at the time about Shanes story and why he felt so strongly about supporting us. I am absolutely blessed that Shane has shared his story with me, and that he has written the blog below, which is written in his own words. Thank you Shane.


Hi. My Name is Shane Gregory, I am the Club leader for Roche Young farmers club. We currently have around 25 members between the ages of 10-21 years old. Our chosen charity to support in 2015 is the macmillan cove support centre, a very worthwhile cause indeed. Our fundraising efforts have already got off to a great start and we have already raised over £1,000, with more events to come including whist drive, bingos, dung selling and a tractor road run, plus our fun day in July.

Both my parents died from cancer at a young age. My mum died from cancer of the liver  just 2wks after celebrating her 50th birthday and my dad died 3 years later from lung cancer and a brain tumour, a day after what would have been my mums birthday.

My mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago and fought a brave battle to the extent of surgery and chemo. We were very proud of how well my mum was doing and then she was in remission. We were all over the moon, until that dreaded day when we got the news that the cancer had returned with avengance in her liver. Things deteriorated fast.

The memory I most like to treasure from that morning when mum left us, and still brings a tear to my eye even today after 11 years is that the day mum passed away was actually my mum and dads wedding anniversary. My dad was in the room that morning with the nurse, and as he was holding my mums hand, something was telling him he should still go and get mum an anniversary card. So he went down to the shop, just down the road and got a card, returned home, filled it out and placed it in my mums arms. The nurse that was there at the time said she saw it with her own eyes-as soon as my dad placed that card in her hands just 1 single tear came down her face and she drifted off. It was although she was waiting for that card.

Ever since my mum passed away, my dad never really got over it, he became ill himself but kept things quiet from us kids ( when I say kids we were in our 20’s) he always suffered from epilepsy so when he kept having sezures, we just put it down to the epilepsy, then they became more frequent. One day he had a massive seizure and ended up in hospital, it was here that we learnt that he had lung cancer and brain tumours. From the time we were told to the day he died was only 6 wks.

When my dad was discharged from hospital after they said there was nothing they could do, myself, my older sister and younger brother with help from close family and of course the wonderful Macmillan nurses brought dad home to the family home and looked after him until he passed away on 29th June 2007 with us all beside his bed. Even though it was a very very sad day for us all, it was also a very proud day to have known we did what dad wanted and looked after him at home and this was where he wanted to pass away.

So, supporting the new Macmillan Cove is very close to my heart as it is to so many other people, and I look forward to working with the Young Farmers in raising money for this fantastic new facility that will benefit sooooo many people, not just cancer sufferers but their family and loved ones to. I urge everyone to get behind this project.

Shane Gregory

Club leader Roche Young Farmers club.



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