Jenni’s Carn Brea Storm Netball blog

Hi, Im Jen. Storm member for a second season after joining in 2013. I am a defender in the 1st team squad and I absolutely love being part of the Club.  I have been asked to write a blog, updating you all on what the ‘Storm family’ has been up to over the summer. Here goes…

We have just finished a summer of (intense!) preseason training that started at the beginning of June. David, our coach, put us through lots of sprints, jumps, sit ups, press ups (you get the idea!) outside on the Carn Brea athletics track. I won’t be the only one in saying that there were several moments I was close to being rather ill. Need I elaborate?! However, despite the sickness and the general inability to physically move after each session we all had fun and continued to turn up week after week (which has got to be saying something!). No pain no gain and all that!

During the summer we also got invited to play a friendly fixture against one of our main sponsors, Wheal Jane Mine. The contact, distance and footwork rule went right out the window (for Wheal Jane anyway) and the footwork attire ranged from flip flops to steal toe capped boots. But fun was had all around and I think Storm really showed that Netball isn’t as slow and as ‘old school’ as perhaps some might have thought.

We are also very proud to be working with a very special organisation this year, Macmillan Cancer. We have been working with Emma for a few months now and she even made a guest appearance at our end of season celebration evening. We have lots of very exciting fundraising events planned for everyone to get involved in so watch this space!


Trials have now been and gone and teams have been selected. Denise Ellis, from Team Bath, came down and helped David with the difficult task of putting everyone into squads. We have some very exciting line-ups this season and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the teams get on at the start of the season.

To finish the end of the summer we were given a very exciting opportunity to attend a coaching session led by England Netball superstars Stacey Jayne Francis and Rosie Alison. What an experience!! Apart from being very star struck and in awe of these Netball giants we all really enjoyed the hour of very technical coaching. It has given us lots to work on and think about and I’m really looking forward to putting all the tips (excuse the pun!) into practice.

Now preseason has finished I think we are all looking forward to our first inside training session. I’m positive all our hard work will stand us in good stead for the start of the season.

Wish us luck!





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