Emma’s launch blog

It is my great pleasure to be writing the first post on The Cove Macmillan Support Centre blog.
As the Macmillan fundraising manager for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, my job is to help inspire and motivate people to become involved with our charity in a variety of ways.
We are always looking for people to help, so if anything you read makes you want to join our Cove team, then please do use the contact form and get in touch!
If you have read through the pages on this site, I hope you will feel a sense of why The Cove is so important, and why the people of Cornwall would benefit from such a brilliant centre.
So I’m not going to talk about that. I want to tell you about my inspiration, and why I want The Cove dream to be made into reality.
In 2013, I was lucky enough to meet a local band, The Claze, based in Wadebridge. I approached them and asked them if they might like to record a song to help us promote our big coffee morning event. They told me about their friend Naomi, who had cancer, and how they would actually like to write a song for her. So they did, and ‘Tulips and Coffee’ was born-a homage to Naomi’s two favourite things.
The song and it’s video (which Naomi and her husband appeared in)were released in August 2013, and the response we received was staggering. Over a million Twitter accounts saw the video, the song was played on Radio Cornwall and championed by Clare Balding on Radio 2. And we received messages from around the world from people who said they loved the song.
Naomi loved the song. It’s message about community, friendship and supporting each other through tough times resonated with so many.
The Claze were nominated by me to receive a Macmillan volunteers award for all of their amazing work, and the band, as selfless as ever, chose to ask Naomi to go to London to collect the award with lead singer Gareth and his wife Niky (Naomi’s best friend). Sadly, the day before they were due to go to London Naomi passed away.
At her life celebration, which was held in a totally packed room in Wadebridge, her family played the video and song. To say I was in tears was an understatement. But after the tears and sadness at losing someone who was a Mum, wife, daughter, friend, it dawned on me that although The Cove would never be a place Naomi would get to visit, her family could in the future if ever they needed a place to go.
And so that’s why one of my inspirations for making The Cove Macmillan Support Centre happen is you Naomi. You may never get to walk through its doors, but when I do for the first time I will think of you.






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