The Cove Business Champions Club



We are proud to launch with our media friends The West Briton ‘The Cove Business Champions Club’.

This is your opportunity as a small business to join others around the County in helping us to build The Cove, and leave a permanent reminder in the building of your support.

If your business pledges to raise a minimum of £1,000 for The Cove over the next 12 months, you will become one of our Cove Business Champions and will get some amazing benefits:

-A club membership pack and regular updates on the progress of The Cove, as well as a certificate of membership

-An invitation to a launch event in March and a chance to hear all about The Cove from architects, nurses and patients

-A free mid-year network event to meet other Cove Business Champions

-A mention in the West Britons Cove Business Champion roll of honour

-Chances to work with us on media promotion, both in the West Briton and through social media

Your companies name engraved in a glass wall within The Cove when the building opens in 2016

We want to give our small businesses the opportunity to join together and show their support, and just imagine… if we could get 100 Cove Business Champions we could raise £100,000 for The Cove…thats 10% of our appeal target!

To sign up today for free, please visit  and join the club that will make a difference to THOUSANDS of people right here in Cornwall.




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