Buy a brick and build The Cove

Buy a Brick and Build the Cove bricks copy

By donating £50 or more to our Justgiving page for The Cove Macmillan Support Centre, you could have a piece of wall with a message of your choice (up to 20 words) on this site until our appeal closes.

Simply click the Just Giving logo below, donate £50 or more and leave a message.


We will then add your message to this page to show your support for The Cove. Don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation on Just Giving as well.

 Disclaimer: We want to make it clear: these are not real bricks. You will not receive or actually own a brick. But the money you donate will be used by us to fund £1 million towards The Cove Macmillan Support Centre. Please allow up to 5 working days for your message to appear here. New messages will be added to the top of the page.






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